Travel Tips

Travel Tips

The following travel tips have been designed to assist you with planning your trip. Please take a few moments to read these, they contain important information about Health, Visas and other common requirements you should be aware of before travelling. If you are not properly immunised or do not have the correct documentation, you may be denied boarding or refused entry at your destination.

It is vital that you check for immunisation well before travelling, we suggest at least 8 weeks prior to departure. Some vaccinations require two courses and need to be given apart.
We suggest checking with Masta Health Clinics or your Doctor.

Please note it may also be a requirement to be immunised, even if you are passing through another Country as a transit passenger. Please mention this at the time of obtaining medical advice. Infants and children may need to be immunised.

It is a requirement, that your Passport is valid for the whole journey you propose to undertake. Some Countries require your Passport to be valid for a further 6 months after your final departure date and may refuse entry if the Passport has a short period to run. Please make sure that all members of your family have their own Passport. This is especially important, if you have had a new addition to the family. If your journey requires you to obtain a Visa, some consulates will not issue this, unless you have a full clear page in the passport.

Passports during high season can take as long as 8 weeks to process. Please allow plenty of time.

It is vital that you check for Visa requirements prior to travelling, we suggest at least 8 weeks prior to departure. You may be required to hold a visa even if you are in transit.

For your assistance we have provided a link to the website.

For non-UK residents, a consulate may be required to refer to the country where your passport was issued; this may cause delays and should be taken into consideration.

Whereby you enter a country which requires you to hold a visa and re-enter, you may be required to apply for a multiple entry visa.

Whereby you intend to work or conduct business, you may be required to obtain a different type of visa. It is important that you apply for the correct type and furnish the consulate with as much information as possible.
Infants and children also require visas. In the event, that you are unable to contact a consulate or are having difficulty, please do not hesitate to contact our office for assistance.

Just The Ticket issue some visas Electronically. These are valid for both Tourist and Business applications.

These types of visa’s can be obtained very speedily and there is no paperwork required to be completed by our clients. Please contact our office for information and charges for this service.

There are many types of Insurances and it is very important you choose the right one.

We offer Travel Insurance which covers Medical Illness abroad, Cancellation, Personal Accident, Liability, Baggage and many other aspects related to travelling abroad.

Please see our Insurance section.

You will find our rates very competitive. There are some very important facts that you should consider before accepting Insurance. The policies we offer, are available to UK residents and have no upper Age limit. The basic cover is not designed for persons travelling for the purpose of hazardous leisure, or high-risk sporting activities.

We can provide quotations, for any of these categories. It is also not valid for expectant mothers where expected to give birth before or within two Months of arrival home. It is very important that you read the Terms and conditions, as well as the exclusions as this will invalidate any claim if they relate to you and you proceed with the application.

It is vital that if you, any member of your party, or member of your family on whom the holiday depends, with regards to the possible cancellation, have had or suffer from a medical condition, you obtain a written acceptance from the Insurance Company before travelling. (Medical screening).

If there is any doubt whatsoever regarding your Medical condition, please notify us immediately in writing, to enable us to obtain written confirmation from your insurers.

It is very important that you understand the Insurers claim procedure and adhere to this in the event of a claim. If you have a Private or some other form of Travel Insurance, check to make sure this will cover all aspects of travel, for example Repatriation, Air Ambulance cover, additional Air tickets in the event of sudden illness, additional seating on Aircraft for stretcher cases.

These are all very important and are examples of every day occurrences effecting travellers’ abroad. If you fall into a category whereby you are excluded from taking the policy, we are in most cases able to offer you an alternative.

Whereby you pay for Air Travel by Credit Card, do not rely on you being covered for all aspects of Travel related Insurance services, without seeing the policy. In most cases Banks and Credit Card companies offer a limited cover and this may only be available to Gold Card members. If you decide not to take Insurance, as you have paid by Credit Card, make sure that all your party will be covered for whatever cover is given to the Cardholder.

Just The Ticket does not except any liability for claims that arise due to no cover being taken prior to Travel. If you are not fully satisfied with the policy we have provided, please return it to us within 7 days, provided there has been no claim made and or you have not travelled, we will refund you in full.

Please do not hesitate to contact our office, we will always be glad to answer any questions you may have.


From 01 November 1994, all passengers travelling within and from the United Kingdom, will be required to pay an Airport Passenger Duty and from the 01 April 1999 a Passenger Service Charge. Some countries such as the USA and many others, also have their own Airport Tax and request the Airline to collect this via the Travel Agent. There are other countries that collect the Tax on departure, from the country you are visiting.

We can advise on what Tax if any, you may be required to pay on leaving a particular Country, however as every country is different and changes from time to time, we will gladly furnish you with this information if requested to do so. Please also note, some countries also charge Airport departure fees in addition to Airport Tax, which cannot be collected in the UK. You may wish to clarify with Just The Ticket, the exact amount you may be required to pay, when leaving your destination to avoid any last-minute inconvenience.

In general Hotels around the world have a check in time of no later than 1600 on the day of arrival. After this time the Hotel, has the option of cancelling your reservation. If you intend to arrive at a Hotel later than 1600 even if you have paid for Hotel vouchers, the Hotel will require a guarantee to hold your room for a longer period. This guarantee can be made by giving your Credit card number to the Hotel, so that in the event of you not utilising the reserved room, they may charge your card for a minimum of 1 night's accommodation.

Whereby our company has made a reservation for you, we are able to pass this information to the Hotel on your behalf. In the event of a delay whereby you were intending to arrive at a Hotel prior to 1600, you would of course be able to telephone the Hotel direct and give this information. If you have booked a package holiday through a Tour operator, the Hotel would normally be advised of this information in advance and would not require such a guarantee.

We will be pleased to pass on any special request to the Airline or Hotel, such as Meal requests, preferred seating requirements or any other information that you would like us to make known to them. These cannot be guaranteed and should be given to our reservations department at the earliest opportunity. Some carriers are able to pre-book seats and give seat numbers in advance, others will simply file this information into the booking and will try to accommodate on the day of departure. Please note if you are travelling with infants under the age of 2 years, infant's travel as babies in arms and are not provided with any seating accommodation. Usually Infants under the age of 6 Months can be accommodated in a bassinet, however these are limited and will only accommodate small infants. If a bassinet is required, please request this at the earliest opportunity.

If you suffer from a medical condition and require assistance at the Airport such as a wheelchair, or need to take specific drugs or equipment on to a Flight. The Airline may require specific information and in some cases will require a Doctors certificate or special clearance; this will sometimes be required for expectant mothers. We will be glad to clarify any situation with the Airline on your behalf.

Your free baggage allowance is shown on your Air Ticket, be careful not to exceed this as you may be required to pay excess baggage charges. If you require this information prior to receiving your Air Tickets, we are able to provide this if requested to do so. Some articles may be restricted and it is important to look at your Air Ticket for restricted items.

Bulky or large articles such as Bikes, Surfboards may carry a surcharge and may require Airline clearance. You may contact the Airline or our office for further information.

Unless you are traveling to another country to emigrate or have a working type visa that permits you entry on a one way document. Most countries insist on you holding a return ticket and will refuse entry unless you have documents to prove that you are crossing a border and are leaving from another country to return to the UK. It is always best to check with the Consulate of the Country you are visiting.

There are times whereby it is very difficult for Travel Agents to advise a client as to when and how safe it is to Travel to Foreign countries, especially when a country is faced with a sudden disaster, terrorist activity or a major health problem. There are occasions when some Airlines will continue to fly when others will not. We feel that simply because an Airline chooses to continue flying to a destination, under one of the above threats this should not be taken as a guarantee that the country is a safe destination. Our advice is to contact the Travel Advice unit attached to the Foreign office in London, they operate a 24 hour 7 day a week service, (Saturday and Sunday) calls will normally only be accepted if travel is the same day or over the weekend. The Telephone number is 0207 238-4503. Please visit

If you decide to cancel your arrangements please notify us as soon as reasonably possible, we will also require the cancellation to be received in writing. All partly and fully unused tickets should be returned to our office for refund and always prior to expiration. Refunds will take approximately 6 to 8 weeks to process and unless totally unused a calculation of the refund will unable to be given until the refund is received from the respective Airline. All refunds will be made by cheque, unless paid for by Credit Card in which the card will be credited for the appropriate amount.

When signing a rental Agreement, for a vehicle hire in the USA. It should be noted that different states have different restrictions, on Liability Insurance and it may be the Liability cover offered by the Rental Hire Company, may be the minimum requirement for the state that you hired the vehicle, or for the states that you are driving through.

It is strongly recommended that you accept any top up cover offered to you or enquire whether there is one available. This cover is separate from Collision Damage Waiver, which normally effects damage to the vehicle, as opposed to damage or bodily injury to other persons or property.

In most cases, Just The Ticket, will quote with liability cover included in the cost of the Rental. This would be confirmed in writing and sent with your car Hire Voucher. It is the client responsibility to check the documents. If you sign or add additional items when collecting your vehicle, this will be charged to your credit card, which will be required by the rental company.

Please note: All Car Rental companies require a credit card guarantee at the time of rental. This is used as a guarantee for fuel or liability. The credit card must be in the name of the Driver. If you fail to produce a credit card at the time or rental, you may not be able to rent the car and will almost certainly incur cancellation charges.

Please note: When renting vehicle’s, if you wish to travel to another country, or cross a border, prior notice will need to be given. Not all rental companies will permit their vehicles to be driven into another Country.

We hope you have found this information to be of assistance, however please do not hesitate to contact our office for any information you require. We will be glad to answer any queries you may have. If you have any helpful hints for travellers, or feel there is other information that may be included in our Travel Tips, please send these to our office where we will consider these for inclusion.

We hope you have found this information to be of assistance, however please do not hesitate to contact our office for any information you require. We will be glad to answer any queries you may have. If you have any helpful hints for travellers, or feel there is other information that may be included in our Travel Tips, please send these to our office where we will consider these for inclusion.